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News Camo’d Acura NSX Spied: Is this the Type S?

Camo’d Acura NSX Spied: Is this the Type S?

Slow-selling hyper-hybrid Acura NSX has an update on the way

  • Current NSX dates back to 2017.

  • Pictured NSX features camouflage wrap in the front and rear.

  • Alternatively, are we looking at an NSX Type S, or a Type R?

The second-generation Acura NSX was finally released roughly five years ago and little has changed with the car in that time. Pictures recently shared on Instagram show an NSX wearing an amount of camouflage that is consistent with a facelift, at the least.


Acura NSX Type-S Leaked Photo | Photo: nsxjon/Instagram

From what can be seen in the images, the NSX’s front sports different double air intakes, a narrower grille while in the rear, the bumper is heavily revised with what look like extractors and a far more prominent diffuser.

Rumours of an ultra-high performance version, a proper Type R, have circulated for over a year, and this could be it. At least that’s what enthusiasts would like. In all likelihood, however, we are looking at very early pictures of the soon-to-be-announced NSX Type S.

Acura NSX Type-S Leaked Photo | Photo: nsxjon/Instagram

The pictures, taken by NSXJon and shared on Instagram, do clearly show that there’s little else going on with this NSX, at least on the surface. The cabin will probably also be updated with various new features and technology as well. We’ll hear more soon.

Acura’s invested in the Type S moniker recently with the introduction of the TLX and MDX. An NSX Type S will triumphally cap these efforts.

Acura NSX Type-S Leaked Photo | Photo: nsxjon/Instagram

Acura NSX Type-S Leaked Photo | Photo: nsxjon/Instagram

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