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NewsCould the Volkswagen ID.BUZZ Actually be Made in the United States?

Could the Volkswagen ID.BUZZ Actually be Made in the United States?

Volkswagen is considering bringing production of the ID.BUZZ to the US due to the high demand.

The official unveiling of the Volkswagen ID Buzz on March 9 certainly created quite a stir among fans of the brand, especially those who have been hoping for its return since the very first Microbus concept unveiled in 2001. At the time, it was a gasoline-powered vehicle, but the economy is now moving towards an electric car industry.

However, the predictions of Wolfsburg’s top management may have underestimated the power of this retro-looking van. Indeed, the buzz is so strong that the automaker is currently considering not concentrating production of the vehicle at the Hanover plant in Germany. As Automotive News reports, which interviewed Volkswagen U.S. CEO Scott Keogh, demand is so strong that it’s forcing executives to rethink their plans for the ID Buzz.

Volkswagen CEO Ralf Brandstaetter said after the vehicle’s unveiling that he expected annual production of 120,000 units, but in light of the enthusiasm of North American enthusiasts, there’s reason to believe more will be produced worldwide.

Keogh said that if he had any regrets about the launch of the Volkswagen ID.4, it was that he underestimated public interest in an electrically powered vehicle and would have pushed even harder to move production to the Chattanooga, Tennessee, facility sooner.

The head of the U.S. wing also indicated that production of just under 100,000 units per year would be sufficient to make assembly of the ID Buzz on U.S. soil profitable.

In light of these statements from the Wolfsburg-based automaker’s top brass, it’s quite likely that the ID Buzz could one day be assembled in Tennessee alongside the ID.4, which, let’s not forget, will also be assembled in the American state.


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