Sunday, October 17, 2021
News CyberLandr Prototype Unveiled

CyberLandr Prototype Unveiled

The CyberLandr is a camper shell designed specifically for the Tesla Cybertruck

This is not the first time we have heard of the CyberLandr box intended to be placed in the bed of the future Tesla Cybertruck. Remember that this small company intends to market this small living space when the electric truck is introduced on the market.

CyberLandr has just published a short video on its YouTube channel launching a prototype of this shell intended for “electric” camping. In fact, the CyberLandr can be seen to rise for a few seconds. The video does not show the rear of the prototype, however. This, according to the concept videos, stretches backwards in addition to being equipped with a “garage door”. It will be interesting to see if this part of the shell remains in the company’s plans. What is certain is that these moving parts will only drive up the price of the final product.

To commemorate the fact that all inventions were made in garages, the prototype is also put into action inside a simple garage. The trouble as of this writing is that the Cybertruck hasn’t even been shown in production form yet.

The first deliveries were slated for 2021, but recently Tesla confirmed that production of the angularly styled pickup has been postponed to 2022. What’s more, no one knows when, during the next year, the Cybertruck will roll out of the plant in Austin, Texas. And the builder has its work cut out for him, as more than a million reservations have been made so far.

As for CyberLandr, the company confirmed that more than 1,100 reservations of the camping shell have been compiled since the product’s announcement last April. Hopefully, the Tesla pickup truck delays won’t affect that company’s plans for zero-emission camping too much.

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