Saturday, May 28, 2022
News De Tomaso Blames Pandemic, Cancels US Plant in Favour of 'Ring Works

De Tomaso Blames Pandemic, Cancels US Plant in Favour of ‘Ring Works

De Tomaso plans P72 for new Ring factory

  • P72 set to start customer deliveries early 2023

  • Company blames pandemic delays for cancellation of US plant

The return of sports car builder De Tomaso has run into a roadblock thanks to COVID-19. The company has ditched its plans to open a factory in the US, and instead gone for swanky digs near the famed Nürburgring in Germany, with the blame placed on the pandemic.

De Tomaso’s new plant, Wards Auto reports, will be up and running at the ‘Ring by this summer, which sort of puts its pandemic blame-laying at question since that’s a pretty darned quick turnaround if you hadn’t already been moving in that direction. The new plant is a joint venture with Capricorn Group, a name you probably won’t recognize, but that help[ed Porsche develop the Le Mans-winning 919, among other projects.

The 5.0L De Tomaso P72 will be hand-built at that plant, using a new chassis and suspension developed by Capricorn. The company says it plans on having the first vehicles in customer hands in early 2023.

Norman Choi, chairman of De Tomaso Automobili, said “today we are proud to announce a new strategic partnership which reaffirms our philosophy, strengthens our core competencies and ensures the highest level of quality for our future offerings. Our P72 will not only be developed on, but also produced at the legendary Nürburgring, providing unrivalled experience, quality and value for our clients.”

The company still plans to sell the P72 in North America, with help from existing partners.


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