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NewsGeneral Motors Could Use Chat GPT in its Vehicles

General Motors Could Use Chat GPT in its Vehicles

AI Chatbots could be adapted to automotive uses, according to General Motors.

  • This technology is an artificial intelligence that answers the driver’s questions.

  • In this case, GM will modify the system to be more car-focused.

  • Drivers could ask the system about features in their vehicles.

Over the last decade, automakers have been working to integrate more and more technology into their vehicles in order to stay up-to-date with the advancement of the consumer market, and GM thinks it has found a way to overtake its rivals, at least for now.

Indeed, the automaker said it is looking into ways to integrate Chat GPT to its vehicles in the coming months or years.

Chat GPT is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence which was created by OpenAI in November of 2022.

Since then, it has gained over 100 million users, making it the fastest-growing consumer application ever.

This technology has varied uses, but General Motors is particularly interested in its ability to answer questions and solve problems.

According to the automaker, drivers and passengers will be able to ask questions to the system when they don’t understand one of the vehicle’s features instead of looking up the answer in the owner’s manual.

In these cases, Chat GPT could provide instructions or even play a Youtube video that contains the answer, such as when a driver asks how to change a flat tire.

Furthermore, this technology could allow drivers to change the vehicle’s settings by voice and it could make things such as setting up a remote garage door opener much easier.

GM also says that Chat GPT could make it easy to synchronize schedules with the driver’s digital calendar by making use of Microsoft’s Cloud services.

The company believes this is not simply an evolution of the voice command system already used in its vehicles, but rather a way to make vehicles much more capable than before.

Since Chat GPT was not developed from the start to be used in a car, some aspects of its use might not be well suited for such applications.

This is why General Motors will develop a car-specific layer that will be added to the consumer system, thus modifying some answers and making them more useful for drivers.

No timeframe for when we might first see this technology in the company’s vehicles has been provided.

Source: Automotive News


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