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News Germany Aims to Use Only Renewable Sources for its Energy by 2035

Germany Aims to Use Only Renewable Sources for its Energy by 2035

Germany wants to become more sustainable, starting with its power grid

  • The German government wants to speed up its shift to sustainable energy sources

  • The shutdown of Germany’s coal and nuclear powerplants have made it dependent on Russian gas

  • The country wants to become self-sufficient in its need for electricity

Germany has unveiled plans for the future which call for all of its electricity to be derived from renewable sources by 2035.

This means that the country, which is the largest economy of Europe, is still looking at fulfilling its previous goals which were to abandon fossil fuels in favor of clean energy “well before 2040”.

Currently, Germany is heavily dependant on gas coming from Russia in order to produce its electricity. This situation has come about due to the country’s decision to close its nuclear power stations by the end of 2022 and retire its coal-fired power plants by the end of the decade in order to become more sustainable.

Due to the current events going on in Europe, pressure has mounted in order to get Germany to be less dependant from Russia for its energy needs.

In order to replace this problematic power source, Germany will introduce more and more renewable power generating solutions, enough to make the share of wind and solar energy reach 80% by 2030.

To do so, the onshore wind warms will see their production doubled in order to reach 110 GW and the offshore output should reach 30 GW, which is equivalent to about 10 nuclear power stations. The solar production will take up the rest with an output that should triple to 200 GW.

This move will allow the country to regain control of its energy grid, but it will also help it tend to the increased demand that will result from the transition to electric vehicles in ways that will not be harmful to the environment.

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