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News Hyundai and Kia Might End Sales of Pure Gasoline Santa Fe and...

Hyundai and Kia Might End Sales of Pure Gasoline Santa Fe and Sorento by 2025

Hyundai Motor Group is phasing out internal combustion engine models of the Kia Sorento and Hyundai Santa Fe by 2025 in Europe in favor of hybrid and plug-in hybrids, and North America might follow suit.


  • Hyundai’s transition to eco-friendly vehicles responsible for ceasing pure gasoline engines for Sorento and Santa Fe models in Europe.

  • Hybrid and plug-in hybrid will become the norm in Hyundai’s European lineup, with SUVs leading the change and sedans like Elantra and Grandeur to follow.

  • Despite no official confirmation for North America, the trend towards electrification by Hyundai implies a similar shift may be expected.


According to The Korean Car Blog, Hyundai Motor Group is set to discontinue the purely gasoline-powered versions of their popular SUV models, the Sorento and Santa Fe, by 2025 in Europe. This move aligns with the upcoming Euro 7 emission regulations set by the European Union, which aim to significantly reduce automotive pollutants.

2025 Kia Sorento | Photo: Kia

The current Santa Fe, available in South Korea, comes with an array of powertrain options, including gasoline, turbocharged gasoline, and hybrid systems. Similarly, the recently updated Sorento offers these options along with a diesel variant. However, these internal combustion engine (ICE) models will be replaced by hybrid (HEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) versions in the European market. For overseas markets, including potentially North America, although not yet confirmed, the likelihood of such a transition appears strong, given the global push for reduced emissions.

Hyundai Details Larger Santa Fe With Luxury-Level Interior Amenities

The shift to electrification is part of Hyundai’s broader strategy to lower the emissions of its fleet, starting with its SUV models, which are typically higher in pollutants than sedans. Following the SUVs, Hyundai plans to extend this hybrid standard to its sedan models, with the development of a PHEV version of the Grandeur to be introduced by the same deadline.

2024 Hyundai Santa Fe | Photo: Hyundai

The timing of this transition is driven by the EU Commission’s stringent deadlines for meeting the new Euro 7 standards, which include a significant reduction in nitrogen oxide levels and the introduction of regulations for other pollutants such as brake and tire emissions. The automotive industry, represented by the European Association of Automobile Industries (ACEA), has raised concerns over the financial impact of these regulations, but the EU Commission is considering ways to potentially ease the transition.

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