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NewsIs Mitsubishi Teasing a Train For the Tokyo Auto Show?

Is Mitsubishi Teasing a Train For the Tokyo Auto Show?

A driver's van?

  • New concept aimed at drivers and adventurers

  • Looks to be a large van, possibly a camper

Mitsubishi will be releasing a new concept vehicle at the Japan Mobility Show. The company says it will “awaken drivers’ adventurous spirit,” but in the teaser image it looks like Mitsu is planning a train.

Ok, despite the coastline that looks like a cow catcher and the lines of light that appear to be rails, it’s probably not a train. So what is it?

Mitsu is short on details and long on marketing puffery in the release. It talks about the company’s other models which use its “proprietary electrification, all-wheel control, durability and reliability, and comfortability technologies.”

The marketing team settles on saying that it will be “a unique, fulfilling mobility lifestyle that awakens drivers’ adventurous spirit.” But this is probably an off-pavement adventure, not on.

Because the new Mitsubishi looks to be a van. Or even a heavy truck. Just look at how high the bottom of the windshield is compared with those people. It certainly appears much larger than the company’s current biggest model, the Delica B5. Mitsubishi does build large trucks as well as trains (and even planes), but those are all different parts of the massive corporation.

On the other hand, teaser images can be deceiving. This could be a Delica-based off-roader, or something all-new. We’ll find out next month, as the Tokyo Show media days are October 25 and 26.


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