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NewsJD Power Study Reveals Most New Car Features are Unused by Owners

JD Power Study Reveals Most New Car Features are Unused by Owners

Tesla would be at the top of the study if it allowed JD Power to survey its owners. Instead, Genesis takes the top spot

  • The Tech Experience Index study analyses the satisfaction of customers regarding 36 automotive tech features

  • Genesis is the Brand with the best overall satisfaction and Hyundai is in first place among mainstream manufacturers

  • Tesla would be in first place, but it doesn’t allow JD Power to survey owners in every state so its ranking is unofficial

One of the many studies conducted on new vehicles by JD Power is called the Tech Experience Index. It analyses the satisfaction of owners regarding 36 features found in new cars and it ranks the brands to determine the ones with the best tech systems.

Good scores mean the customers are happy with most features present in their cars and they feel like they have their money’s worth in terms of tech.

Bad scores, on the other hand, are caused by owners either not needing most of the features, not knowing how to use them properly or simply feeling like they have paid too much for it.

The study also found out that in the case of a third of the technologies studied, half of the owners had not used them in the first 90 days of ownership, with many of them claiming they will never use them.

The brand with the highest score is Genesis, with 634 points out of a possible 1,000.  This is due to the number of features and their relative ease of use present in Genesis vehicles, combined with an asking price that is generally lower than competitors.

In second place is Cadillac, with 551 points and in third place is Volvo, with 550 points.

The highest-ranking mainstream manufacturer is Hyundai, in sixth place overall with 519 points, followed by Kia at 510 points. This result is hardly surprising since these two brands share many of their features with Genesis.

In third place for the mainstream segment is Nissan, with 502 points.

2021 JD Power Tech Experience Index
2021 JD Power Tech Experience Index | Photo: JD Power

The industry average is at 478 points, 506 points for the premium segment and 473 points for the mass market segment.

At the bottom of the premium segment is Porsche with only 428 points and at the absolute bottom for the industry is Mitsubishi, with 373 points, whose cars generally don’t have a lot of tech features.

Tesla isn’t officially ranked because the company doesn’t allow JD Power to survey their owners in 15 US states, therefore the results are not as accurate as they are for other brands.

Based on the 35 other states, Tesla gets a score of 668 points, which would give it first place, with a pretty significant margin in front of Genesis.

The features that are deemed most useful by owners in general are rear-view mirror cameras and 360 degree cameras, while the features deemed the most useless are in-vehicle digital market technologies and in-vehicle communication systems.


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