Ken Block’s GYMKHANA TEN: The Ultimate Tire Slaying Tour


Are you in the mood for nearly 19 minutes of wide-open-throttle and drifting? Mister Block’s got the 10th edition of his tire-slaying series GYMKHANA series of videos live and ready to consume.

In this video, Ken pins the throttle in five different places around the globe. Her starts off in Sweden (Fiesta), then on to Detroit (Mustang), Mexico next (Focus), Los Angeles (Escort) and tops it off in Shamrock, TX in the F-150.  

What can we possibly say? You’ll never get these 19 minutes back but there are far worse ways to spend 19 minutes…

We must say that the Mustang and Escort are especially drool-worthy cars while the F-150’s EcoBoost 3.5-litre V6 sounds anything but good. A tuned lawnmower maybe?



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