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Kia Gives a Better Look at the Interior and Exterior of the New EV5

A new video from Kia shows additional details about the new EV5 electric SUV.

  • The automaker posted a video on its YouTube Channel that showcases the EV5.

  • Many of the SUV’s features are highlighted, including tray tables for the rear passengers.

  • Technical details should be revealed next month during Kia’s EV Day.

Kia officially unveiled the EV5, its latest electric SUV, about two weeks ago and it has now released a video that goes into further detail about this model.

Published on the automaker’s worldwide YouTube page, the short video gives a walkaround of the EV5’s interior and exterior, giving us a better look at some of the new features that will be found in this model.

For example, the look around the outside shows the same lines as during the actual reveal, but we now know that the front lightbar will feature dynamic lighting that performs a greeting sequence when the vehicle is unlocked.

Speaking of this lightbar, it embodies the brand’s new “Tiger Face” design language, which replaces the well-known “Tiger Nose” grille design that featured on almost every one of the brand’s vehicles since the launch of the Forte in 2008.

This new design trend will make it to the rest of the company’s new electric models, as can be seen on the larger EV9.

Another small exterior detail that can be noted from the exterior walkaround is that the Kia logo on the wheels won’t be centred but instead placed in the lower right corner of a square hub.

Kia EV5 | Photo: Kia

Moving inside, more features of the EV5 can be seen, starting with the dashboard. Unsurprisingly, this model follows all other recently developed Kia models by featuring a curved panel at the top of the dashboard that includes the driver information screen and the infotainment screen.

What is different is that the automaker’s usual bank of shortcut buttons placed under the center screen is now made of touch-sensitive buttons that light up from the instrument panel itself.

Physical switches for the radio volume and the climate control system have been retained, and it seems that the leftmost area of the infotainment screen is dedicated to the climate settings, allowing the driver to make changes without first having to go through multiple menus.

An unusual feature of the EV5 is the extension of the passenger seat that hints at the return of the front bench seat by having a portion of the seat base extend over the center console. The video clearly shows only two seat belts upfront, so this piece is entirely decorative.

Still in the center, there is a folding armrest and a wireless charging pad for electronic devices. More interesting however is the beverage holder that can be accessed by the rear passengers. Two switches shown in the video suggest this drawer can be either cooled or warmed.

Also unusual are the tray tables that fold out of the front seats in order to provide rear passengers with a place to put things such as a laptop, as in some ultra-luxury sedans.

Kia EV5 | Photo: Kia

Finally, a section of the cargo floor lifts up on hinges to form a table which can be used when the vehicle is stationary.

All of these items are reportedly due to the automaker’s desire to make the cabin of the EV5 more akin to a living room than a car, following research that showed Millennials treat the interior of their SUVs as an additional room.

Kia has yet to confirm if the EV5 will be offered in North America, and technical data will only be announced next month as part of the company’s EV day.

Nevertheless, leaked information from China, where this model will be assembled, shows that the version that will be sold in Asian countries will be equipped with a 214-horsepower single-motor drivetrain, possibly powered by a BYD Blade LFP battery.

As mentioned, more details are to come soon about this upcoming electric SUV which should compete directly with the Tesla Model Y in terms of size.

Source: Kia ( via Electrek


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