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Mazda’s Electric Venture Will Bring More EVs to the U.S. Market by 2025

Odds are that Mazda’s got an electric SUV or two in mind

In a pursuit to deepen its footprint in the North American EV market, particularly after the electric Mazda MX-30 didn’t quite hit the mark in select regions of Canada and the U.S. (no longer sold) in fact, Mazda is preparing to launch new EVs possibly as early as 2025. The anticipated EVs will be crafted utilizing the platforms of Mazda’s established gasoline-powered vehicles, and will be assembled  at the company’s facility nestled in Hofu, Japan.


Mazda Pulls the Plug on MX-30 EV in the US


This endeavor is not Mazda’s first foray into the EV realm; however, the upcoming launch is seen as a fresh attempt to solidify its foothold in the U.S. and Canada. The vehicles, although manufactured in Japan, are destined for our shores, marking Mazda’s renewed desire to offer more full battery-electric vehicles and not only electrified ICE models. However, this overseas production may imply that these EVs won’t be eligible for certain U.S. tax credits, which are generally reserved for locally manufactured electric vehicles.


Mazda’s blueprint for these new EVs is rooted in an economical approach, leveraging existing gasoline-powered vehicle platforms to curtail costs, according to Asia Nikkei. This move, while cost-effective, prompts curiosity regarding how these EVs will fare against competitors with dedicated EV architectures.


Beyond 2025, Mazda has outlined a plan, encompassing the launch of three all-electric vehicles, alongside a fleet of plug-in hybrids and hybrids, aiming to have a total of thirteen electrified vehicles by the middle of the decade. This roadmap forms a segment of Mazda’s broader aspiration to eventually electrify its entire lineup.


“It’s hard to make money by making small EVs given the high costs of producing automobiles,” Mazda Chief Executive Masahiro Moro said in an interview. “We are looking at a segment that will appeal to would-be EV buyers.”


The U.S. market is responsible for 30% of Mazda’s global sales which serves to explain why new EVs there (and we believe by default Canada) could help the Japanese automaker’s global electrification goals.


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