The McLaren of Grand Tourer Cars Drops Camo On April 30th

New McLaren Grand Tourer
McLaren readies rule-breaking ‘Grand Tourer’ | Photo: McLaren

The accompanying pictures say loads without uttering a word. This new McLaren of Grand Tourers looks clean, sexy and with full lines. We too want cover thousands of miles with it.

We don’t want to start a war but not all McLarens are attractive. Let us rephrase that: The 650S wasn’t the prettiest of them all and the Senna’s well… All we’re trying to say is from what we can make out these pictures, this new Grand Tourer looks drop-dead gorgeous.

This new car will be a unique model, not belonging to the established order of model Series from McLaren. In fact, it will be a very different animal as its main purpose, as a Grand Tourer, will be to carry passengers and their gear in absolute comfort and refinement over long distances.

As part of the car’s extensive evaluation program, the car has covered thousands of miles in hot and cold climates across the globe and proven that it will deliver. The as-of-yet unnamed Grand Tourer will be powered by a twin-turbo V8 and deliver competition levels of performance. Did we mention it’ll be beautiful?

At last month’s Geneva auto show, McLaren Automotive CEO, Mike Flewitt said that the car will have “continent-crossing capability and a level of agility never experienced before in the luxury Grand Tourer segment” and added that it “will be the most usable mid-engined car yet.” And finally, it was shared that the “McLaren of Grand Tourers” will be the only McLaren to share DNA with the Speedtail, their Hyper-GT car.

Before the Grand Tourer drops its camo wrap, a few tests remain including another road trip. Members of the Development Team will drive from McLaren’s development base near Barcelona, Spain, up to the Technology Centre in Woking, England – another 1,000 miles.

This will be the fourth McLaren to be launched under the company’s Track25 business plan. We like this plan.

McLaren readies rule-breaking ‘Grand Tourer’ | Photo: McLaren
McLaren readies rule-breaking ‘Grand Tourer’ | Photo: McLaren


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