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NewsMercedes-Benz Teases a New Compact Sedan Concept

Mercedes-Benz Teases a New Compact Sedan Concept

Mercedes-Benz teased an upcoming sedan that will be part of its Entry Luxury category.

  • This new model will be an entry-level sedan that could be launched in 2024.

  • The company wants to separate its lineup into three separate categories: Entry Luxury, Core Luxury, and Top-End Luxury.

  • The concept will be officially unveiled at the Munich Mobility Show in September.

While Mercedes-Benz announced it wants to reduce its lineup of entry-level models, the company won’t completely abandon the lower end of the luxury market either.

Indeed, the German automaker teased an upcoming compact or sub-compact sedan earlier today that will be unveiled in concept form at the Munich Mobility Show in September.

From what can be seen in the darkened image, the car will adopt a roofline similar to that of the current CLA and it could feature a distinctive bodyline that goes around the entire car, represented in the teaser by a white line.

We don’t know many details about this future product at the moment, but everything points toward it being based on the MMA platform and making its official debut in 2024.

This choice of platform means that the new model could be offered in both electric and combustion-powered versions, which is the direction the company intends to take with many of its new vehicles.

Going back to the organization of the Mercedes-Benz lineup, this new model will be positioned below the C-Class in terms of size and price since it will be part of the brand’s Entry Luxury category.

As part of its new strategy, Mercedes will divide its models into three categories of price and luxury: Entry Luxury, Core Luxury, and Top-end Luxury.

While the teased compact sedan will be found in the Entry Luxury segment, the current C-Class and E-Class will be part of the Core Luxury category, and the Top-End Luxury category will feature models such as the S-Class and the EQS.

Electrification will apparently be the name of the game for Mercedes-Benz at this year’s Munich Auto Show, since the brand will bring together each of its electrified models for the first time at a public event.



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