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NewsMercedes-Benz will Go After the Tesla Model 3 with an Electric CLA...

Mercedes-Benz will Go After the Tesla Model 3 with an Electric CLA in 2025

Mercedes-Benz will give the next generation of the CLA an electric and a mild hybrid powertrain.

  • The small sedan will keep its name instead of going for the EQ naming structure.

  • This model could be available with fully electric and mild-hybrid powertrains in some markets.

  • The CLA will be one of only four entry-level Mercedes models available worldwide.

Mercedes-Benz is working on a new generation of the CLA subcompact coupe-like sedan which will be offered with an electric and a mild-hybrid powertrain starting in 2025.

Part of the automaker’s electrification strategy is making all of its platform electric only or electric first, the last of which will apply to the CLA’s MMA platform.

This means that while priority is given to the electric version, some concessions might have to be made in terms of efficiency.

The fully electric version will arrive first on the market and it is expected to be powered by an 800-volt LFP battery that can charge up to 350 kWh and make it possible to go from 10 to 80% charge in about 30 minutes.

This battery will also use a skateboard architecture that doesn’t intrude into the passenger compartment and allows for more interior space.

Information regarding the electric motors is sparse, but single and dual motor configurations are expected.

The hybrid model will use a new four-cylinder engine that complies with Euro 7 emissions regulations. This powertrain will be developed by Mercedes-Benz, but it will share components with Geely, which will also manufacture it in China.

In both electric and combustion-powered versions, the new CLA will feature an updated design that includes a low front grille, angular headlamps, and front and rear lightbars.

The CLA will also be offered in a long wheelbase version in certain markets, possibly in order to make up for the reduced offering of entry-level models in the automaker’s lineup.

Indeed, Mercedes-Benz wants to prioritize its most expensive models, which is why it will reduce its global entry-level lineup from seven to four models by the end of 2026.

Source: Autocar


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