Thursday, September 21, 2023
News Mitsubishi Reveals New Subcompact Crossover

Mitsubishi Reveals New Subcompact Crossover

New small Mitsu drops

  • New RVR-sized model revealed in Indonesia

  • Will have Yamaha-branded audio system

Mitsubishi has just revealed an all-new compact crossover that will be making its debut at the Indonesian auto show. So why are we showing it? Because this might be the next Mitsubishi RVR, or it could be a new and more affordable model to sit below that one in the lineup.

The automaker didn’t give the new crossover a name, which is a bit of a surprise. But it did give us dimensions, which put it at 4,390 mm long, 1,810 mm wide, and 1,660 mm tall. That’s right on top of the current Mitsubishi RVR, which is 4,365 mm long, the same width, and 1,645 mm tall.

Mitsubishi described the new crossover as being “based on the design concept of Silky and Solid.” It’s meant to have a commanding presence, and the lower body has solid SUV proportions and beefy fender flares, but the floating roof and sleek upper surfaces are intended to express “an airy silkiness.”

The new crossover has 222 mm of ground clearance, which Mitsubishi calls class-leading, but it is a front-drive-only vehicle. Because of that front-drive 1.5L powertrain, we think it could arrive here. Sitting below the RVR in the company lineup. That configuration is found in a growing segment that includes the Nissan Kicks and Hyundai Venue.

Mitsubishi has previously announced this model will come with a new sound system from Yamaha. It’s the first time for Yamaha to create a branded audio system for a vehicle application.

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