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Stellantis Teases the 2024 Ram Promaster EV and Wants to Become a Key EV Player in the U.S.

The 2024 Ram Promaster EV was teased in Stellantis' latest financial report ahead of its launch later this year.

  • The electric van will be based heavily on the Fiat e-Ducato and should be unveiled in the coming months.

  • Stellantis was the largest producer of commercial EVs in Europe and second overall in the local EV market last year.

  • The company wants to bring this EV success to North America.

Despite the North American arm of Stellantis being late to the electrification game, with no fully electric model currently on sale, it is worth to remember things are different in Europe.

Indeed, the former PSA branch of the company (Peugeot, Citroën, Opel, Vauxhall) already has 23 fully electric models on offer in Europe and it plans to add 9 more models this year alone.

This wide variety of EVs helped it take the second spot for electric vehicle sales on the continent in 2022 with 288,000 units delivered.

Stellantis doesn’t want to stop there either since it aims to shift 5 million EVs globally by the end of the decade with the help of 75 models distributed to all of its brands.

In North America, the first fully electric model to be offered by Mopar dealerships will be the 2024 Ram Promaster EV, an electric delivery van that was recently teased with a tiny picture in the automaker’s latest financial report.

The current Promaster has been on the market in Canada and the United States for close to ten years already and even longer in Europe, but this new version of the same basic design should help keep it afloat for a few more years still.

Ram hasn’t announced official details for this model yet, but since the Fiat version is already on the market in Europe, we can speculate a bit.

Indeed, the Promaster is a rebadged version of the Fiat Ducato, which received a fully electric variant back in 2021 called e-Ducato.

This van offers a choice of a 47 kWh or a 79 kWh battery and it is powered by an electric motor on the front axle which delivers 120 horsepower and 210 lb-ft of torque.

Since this is significantly lower than the output of the 3.6L V6 engine which is the only powertrain in the current Promaster, it is possible that North American buyers will be treated to a more powerful electric drivetrain.

In terms of range, the e-Ducato equipped with the larger battery is capable of covering 280 kilometres on a charge according to the WLTP standard, which means that the EPA figure will likely be lower.

This model helped Stellantis sell more commercial electric vehicles than any other automaker in Europe last year and the company hopes this success will translate to the U.S and Canada, where it should be launched in the coming months.

After this model is introduced, things will be moving faster in terms of electrification at Stellantis since the RAM 1500 REV electric pickup is planned for a 2024 launch and so is the Dodge Charger EV, with the Chrysler Airflow following in 2025.

Source: InsideEVs


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