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NewsSubaru Unveils Wild Concepts at Japan Mobility Show

Subaru Unveils Wild Concepts at Japan Mobility Show

Subaru unveils futuristic electric vehicle designs for both land and air at the Japan Mobility Show, indicating a shift in their product strategy.


  • Subaru introduces the Sport Mobility Concept car and the Air Mobility Concept urban air vehicle at the Japan Mobility Show.

  • The company aims to launch eight EV models by 2030, targeting half of its global sales from these vehicles.

  • A new design center in Gunma, equipped with advanced digital tech, will open next year to guide Subaru’s innovative design journey.


As reported by Automotive News, Subaru has given a glimpse into its future at the Japan Mobility Show. The iconic automaker showcased not only a sporty all-electric car concept but also a unique urban air mobility vehicle reminiscent of a flying disc.

Subaru Air Mobility Concept | Photo : Subaru

Subaru’s CEO, Atsushi Osaki, took the stage to present these intriguing concepts. The airborne vehicle, termed the Subaru Air Mobility Concept, captivated attendees. This battery-powered, six-rotor concept promises seating for two and demonstrated its potential by hovering, flashing lights, and displaying aerial acrobatics during the event. A video further showcased its prototype successfully taking off without a pilot.

Subaru Sport Mobility Concept | Photo : Subaru

Resting on the stage below this aerial concept was the Subaru Sport Mobility Concept. This all-electric, all-wheel-drive car offers a glimpse into Subaru’s anticipated EV styling. While Subaru’s current EV offering, the Solterra, borrows its design from Toyota’s bZ4X, the company’s forward vision is to craft its unique EV identity. Daisuke Tokano, who oversees EV design, emphasized the need for distinctiveness in their future EV products. Some proposed changes include moving away from Subaru’s characteristic C-shaped headlamps in favor of a sleeker linear light strip.

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Previously, the company had expressed plans to launch four EV models. However, they recently announced that they aim to introduce eight models by 2030, with aspirations that EVs will account for half of its global sales. To bolster these ambitions, Subaru is gearing up to inaugurate a state-of-the-art design center in Gunma, which will heavily utilize digital technologies, including oversized LED screens and mixed-reality tools, to enhance the design process.

Subaru Sport Mobility Concept | Photo : Subaru

It’s worth noting that Subaru’s venture into the skies isn’t unprecedented. Originating from Nakajima Aircraft Co., which produced aircraft during World War II, Subaru maintains an aerospace division today, producing military helicopters and components for commercial aircraft.

Subaru Air Mobility Concept | Photo : Subaru
Subaru Sport Mobility Concept | Photo : Subaru


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