Monday, September 21, 2020
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New Toyota GR Yaris Is A Driving Enthusiasts’ Dream Car

It goes on sale today in Japan. There’s little to no hope that we’ll get it. There are three versions offered. The crown of the hottest-of-the-hot hatchbacks has just been handed over to Toyota. Now that the giant Japanese automaker has revealed more details...

No Toyota GR Yaris in Canada, but maybe a GR Corolla or C-HR?

With the GR Yaris not coming to America Toyota is searching for a solution; Toyota USA confirmed it was preparing something for North American consumers; It could either be a Toyota GR Corolla or a GR C-HR. Just over a month ago, Toyota launched...

This Is The Toyota GR Yaris: The Ultimate Subcompact Hot-Hatch

Turbocharged 1.6-litre 3-cylinder engine with 268-horsepower. Newly developed "GR-FOUR" 4WD system with limited slip differentials. 6-speed manual transmission. GR Yaris tips the scale at 1,280 kg. There’s a Special-edition RZ "High-performance First Edition". Alright, stop what you’re doing ‘cause I’m about to ruin your...