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NewsThe Toyota GR86 Could Gain a Turbocharged Hybrid Powertrain

The Toyota GR86 Could Gain a Turbocharged Hybrid Powertrain

The next generation of the Toyota GR86 could be built on a new platform and powered by a new powertrain.

  • The GR86 could use an electrified version of the 3-cylinder engine found in the GR Yaris.

  • A number of GR86 prototypes have been fitted with this engine for testing purposes.

  • Toyota has not confirmed any changes to this model.

The Toyota GR86 and its Subaru BRZ twin have been the subject of rumours almost since their introduction in 2012.

The latest info to come from the rumour mill says the next generation of these small sports cars will be fitted with a turbocharged hybrid powertrain that will enable more performance and lower fuel consumption.

This powertrain would likely be created by combining the electric elements found in the new Toyota Crown and the turbocharged 3-cylinder engine from the GR Yaris.

Since the GR86 is focused on handling, the weight of the powertrain and its disposition inside the vehicle are important factors to consider during development.

This is why the automaker’s engineers are looking at ways to reduce the weight of the vehicle further, notably by testing a smaller version of the engine. According to the car’s chief engineer, a 1,4L variant of the 3-cylinder engine could save 30 kilos (66 pounds) compared to the standard 1,6L version.

In order to accommodate this new powertrain, the GR86 will need to use a completely different platform. Apparently, a shortened version of the Lexus IS platform has been chosen to replace the current one that was co-developed with Subaru.

Speaking of Lexus, another rumour says that the brand could be working on its own version of the next GR86 that could be sold as a more premium option.

Toyota hasn’t confirmed any of the rumours, except that it is indeed testing prototypes of the current GR86 powered by the GR Yaris’ 3-cylinder engine in both 1,6L and 1,4L forms.

This next generation of the Toyota GR86 is not expected before 2026, since the current models were modified extensively in 2020 in order to extend their product cycle until that year.

Nevertheless, the new models should arrive before 2030 since the stricter emission laws that will go into effect in Japan that year are what prompted the move to a hybrid powertrain altogether.

Source: Best Car Web via Drive


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