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News Tesla Cybertruck Playfully Mimics Toyota Tundra Appearance, Continues Pickup Truck Trolling

Tesla Cybertruck Playfully Mimics Toyota Tundra Appearance, Continues Pickup Truck Trolling

Tesla’s Cybertruck, adorned with a Tundra-style wrap, trolls Toyota in a playful jab at the traditional pickup market.


  • Tesla showcases its Cybertruck with a Tundra-style wrap, playfully mimicking the appearance of a Toyota Tundra pickup.

  • The unique and angular design of the Cybertruck remains unmistakable despite the camouflage.


Tesla’s innovative marketing tactics are once again in the spotlight as the company humorously engages with established pickup truck models. Following its previous Ford F-150-style wrap, Tesla’s Cybertruck now proudly displays a Tundra-inspired appearance, injecting a touch of playful rivalry into the realm of electric vehicles (EVs).

The Cybertruck, enveloped in its Tundra-themed wrap, was spotted by a member of the Cybertruck Owners Club forum who shared the sighting. This latest move by Tesla seems to extend its light-hearted approach to challenge the norms of traditional pickup trucks, particularly those that have held a strong presence in the American market.

Tesla Cybertruck interior
Tesla Cybertruck | Photo: Tesla

While the Tundra-style wrap attempts to mimic the look of a Toyota Tundra, the Cybertruck’s distinct and futuristic design sets it apart. Tesla’s intention is more in the realm of playful teasing rather than direct imitation, underscoring the unique identity of the Cybertruck in the EV landscape.

Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck | Photo: Tesla

This gesture might also be interpreted as Tesla’s way of nudging Toyota, a company that has taken a more cautious approach to adopting electric vehicle technology compared to some of its peers. Toyota’s history with Tesla includes an investment in the EV manufacturer in 2010, which contributed to Tesla’s early growth. Although Toyota later divested its stake in Tesla, the dynamics between the two companies have since evolved, with Toyota now showing interest in Tesla’s manufacturing methods, such as giga casting, for its upcoming electric vehicles.

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In the United States, the pickup truck market is predominantly shaped by traditional manufacturers like Ford and Toyota. Ford’s F-Series has consistently topped the sales charts for 46 consecutive years, while the Toyota Tundra has held its position in the market. However, with nearly 1.9 million pre-orders, Tesla’s Cybertruck could potentially challenge Ford’s long-standing dominance, prompting widespread anticipation and speculation.

Tesla Cybertruck | Photo: Tesla

The Cybertruck’s distinct design and its presence in the electric vehicle sector continue to spark conversations and curiosity among consumers and industry observers alike. As the Cybertruck inches closer to production, the automotive landscape might witness a significant shift if the vehicle lives up to the expectations set by its impressive pre-order numbers.Top of FormBottom of Form

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