Thursday, July 7, 2022
News Tesla Model Y Aces Moose Test

Tesla Model Y Aces Moose Test

The Tesla Model Y performed very well in a moose test, like it was expected to do

  • The moose test is a challenging test that determines how well a car can avoid sudden obstacles

  • The Model Y, like all Tesla Models performed admirably

  • Watch the video to see for yourself

The moose test began in Sweden in the 70s as a way to determine which cars were better at avoiding sudden obstacles, such as a moose.

Since these tests were televised in the 90s, they have gained popularity and many people view them as a way to not only rank a car’s active safety, but also its handling.

The test itself is to drive the car as fast as possible through towards some cones, and then to suddenly cut the wheel to the left and back to the right in order to avoid the primary obstacle and to return to the right lane as soon as possible.

This exercise is very demanding for a car’s suspension and tires. Some spectacular fails have happened over the years, not least of which was the Mercedes A-Class which actually rolled over in 1997, forcing the automaker to redesign its suspension and stability control systems.

Tesla has been hailed multiple times following such tests because all of its vehicles have performed very well in the moose test, and the Model Y is no exception.

Tested by the Spanish auto website, the Tesla Model Y took part in a number of tries and most of them were successful.

The best attempt recorded the entry speed of the electric compact crossover at 83 km/h (51 mph) and its exit speed at 31 km/h (19 mph).

The test driver reported that the Model Y had “confident steering, a well-balanced suspension setup and excellent traction control.”

The Model Y’s performance is even more impressive considering that it matched the results of the smaller and lighter Model 3, on which it is based.

Source: Via insideEVs

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