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NewsThe Cheapest Full-Sized Truck in Canada is Dead

The Cheapest Full-Sized Truck in Canada is Dead

High-value Ram gets the axe

  • Ram Classic introduced in 2019 to continue old model

  • Full-size truck was nearly the cheapest pickup around

Ram has just killed one of the most affordable pickups on the market. Production of the Ram 1500 Classic, which was first introduced in 2009 and became the Classic in 2019, is done for Canada.

The truck company didn’t have much to say about the end of the truck, which has long been a staple on Canadian roadways. “Ram has discontinued production of the Ram 1500 Classic for the Canadian market” is no way to eulogize a vehicle that is old enough to have its learner’s permit in some provinces.

Ram launched the Classic name in 2019 to differentiate it from the new for 2019 Ram 1500. That fifth-generation Ram was known internally by the chassis code DT (vs DS), but a name works better for consumers.

Classic saw some updates over the years, and saw some trim grades disappear, but it was largely the same throughout its run. The goal was to be affordable and it met that.

The 2023 Ram 1500 Classic currently has an MSRP starting from $47,440, and that price alone makes it one of the cheapest new trucks on the market. But the Classic was almost never advertised at sticker price. Instead, Ram had what felt like a perpetual 20 percent off sale.

That sale meant a Ram 1500 Classic started from under $36,000. Even more importantly, you can actually find them for sale for those prices. The cheapest four-door version currently listed on Ram’s site is $38,988 including freight and some fees. That includes a 5.7L Hemi V8, though most of the really cheap trucks use the 3.6L V6. Compare that with the cheapest new-generation Ram we can find, listed at $62,935

The next cheapest truck you can buy is the compact Ford Maverick, which starts from $35,295 and is nearly impossible to find on dealer lots.

As of this writing, Ram has around 8,000 Classics left in inventory. Once they’re gone, the Classic is gone. At least until Ram decides it needs to offer something else to fill that price point. With even fully loaded models struggling to break the $60k price point, this might be the last pickup truck bargain in Canada.



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