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The First Batch of VinFast Models Sent to the United States is Being Recalled

The VinFast VF8 is getting recalled in the United States due to a main display that could go blank while driving.

  • The Vietnamese automaker is recalling all 999 units of the VF8 that were part of the first batch sent to the U.S.

  • This is because the main display in the electric SUV could malfunction and increase the risk of a crash.

  • The second batch of VF8 models to arrive in California seems unaffected.

VinFast only entered the American automotive market late last year but already, its first batch of electric SUVs has to be recalled due to a software problem.

According to the automaker, a programming error could cause the main display screen in the VF8 to turn black while the vehicle is driving or stationary.

Since this display handles critical information such as the speed of the vehicle and the status of its various driver assistance systems, this issue could increase the risk of a crash.

Every single one of the 999 units of the VF8 City Edition that were part of the first shipment to America from VinFast are affected, but it seems SUVs that arrived as part of the second shipment are exempt from this problem.

As of now, the automaker has only sent two batches of vehicles to California, which is the initial market on the North American continent.

While only 18 drivers have reported their vehicle’s screen going blank, it is worth remembering that less than 200 of the initial 999 SUVs have been delivered, which makes the failure rate much higher.

Fortunately for VinFast, this problem can be rectified via an over-the-air update, which should have been released yesterday. Customers who are currently in possession of one of the affected electric vehicles will be informed of the situation by mail starting on May 29.

While this is the first recall for the company in America, it isn’t the first time the VF8 has had to have a problem rectified. Indeed, VinFast recalled 2,781 units of its first electric model in its home country earlier this year due to a problem with the front brakes that required a visit to the service center.

Despite a slow start for sales in the United States, VinFast wants to launch its models in Europe in July, a decision made possible by a new round of funding pledges it received last month.

Source: Reuters


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