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NewsThe Next Midsize Ram Pickup Could Arrive as Soon as 2024

The Next Midsize Ram Pickup Could Arrive as Soon as 2024

Ram could launch its Dakota successor as soon as next year, but many questions remain unanswered.

  • This truck might be sold globally, which means it would need to be quite capable.

  • The Dakota name is in the running, but it has not been confirmed.

  • The automaker says 2024 might be an optimistic goal.

Ram has been talking about a revival of its mid-size truck almost since it discontinued the Dakota back in 2011 but this time, its plans appear more serious.

Indeed, dealers have been shown a prototype of the future truck at the company’s last dealer conference in Las Vegas, and Ram’s CEO has now given a few more details about this upcoming product.

According to the executive, the mid-size truck could arrive as soon as 2024 but is more likely to appear a few years later since some basics have not yet been established.

For example, the company has yet to decide if this model will be unique to North America or if it will be available in multiple markets around the world.

This is more important than it may seem since this decision will dictate which platform the truck is built on and which kinds of powertrains will be offered.

Indeed, the company says a truck aimed solely at the United States and Canada would be more of a lifestyle product built on the unibody STLA Large platform in order to provide more comfort and refinement.

If the truck is also sold in Europe and in emerging markets, however, it will have to be more rugged and could then use the STLA Frame platform.

This is because mid-size trucks in North America are full-size trucks in most other markets, which means they are used as work trucks by people who need the same capabilities but require a smaller vehicle.

Stellantis has confirmed that both of these platforms can be scaled down in order to be used by this new truck, and both can accommodate different types of powertrains.

2011 Dodge Dakota | Photo: Dodge

This is also important since different markets require different solutions in terms of engines and energy usage.

While the company wants to move to electric vehicles in Europe and North America, (the prototype dealers saw is an EV truck), emerging markets don’t have the infrastructure to support these types of powertrains yet.

This means that if Ram decides to sell this truck only in North America, it could very well be electric only, but if it is to be sold outside of the continent, gasoline and diesel options will have to be considered.

As was previously hinted at, the upcoming mid-size truck will take many of its design cues from the current full-size Ram trucks, including the new 1500 REV electric model.

Another decision that has yet to be finalized is the name to give this upcoming truck. The head of the Ram brand, Mike Koval Jr. told Motortrend that the Dakota name that was used on Dodge mid-size pickups from 1987 to 2011 is in the running, but not the only option.

While the Dakota name has a lot of brand recognition and heritage in North America, the company says it is in a “different place” now, and this is especially true outside of the continent, where the Dakota isn’t widely known.

More details should be revealed soon if the automaker is serious about a launch in 2024.

Source: Motortrend


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