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NewsThe Waiting List for the $40,000, Solar-Powered Lightyear 2 is Now Open

The Waiting List for the $40,000, Solar-Powered Lightyear 2 is Now Open

Those who are interested can now have their names on the waiting list for the Lightyear 2, which should start production in 2025.

  • Lightyear only began producing its first model last month in limited quantities.

  • The Lightyear 2 seems very similar to the Lightyear 0.

  • The company claims up to 800 miles of range with the help of solar panels on the roof.

Dutch automaker Lightyear opened the waiting list for the upcoming Lightyear 2 solar-powered EV during an event at the CES today.

This announcement comes only about a month after the start of production of the Lightyear 0, which will only be sold in Europe at a price of 250,000 euros ($357,328 CAD).

Surprisingly, the Lightyear 2 should start under $40,000 US ($54,324 CAD) when it arrives in North America at some point in 2025 or 2026, despite it heavily resembling the Lightyear 0.

The company hasn’t said how it will be able to make the new model so much less expensive than the Lightyear 0, but a more substantial production run could help.

Like the first model from the brand, this electric sedan will rely heavily on solar panels to increase its range and reduce its dependency on charging stations.

Lightyear 2 | Photo: Lightyear

Indeed, the company says to expect a range of up to 800 kilometres when driving in very sunny parts of the world, and it also claims that the solar panels could lead to drivers having to plug the car into an outlet or a charger about three times less often than drivers of comparable battery-powered EVs.

In addition to requiring less energy from the grid, this will make it possible for the Lightyear 2 to use a smaller battery to achieve its targeted range, which the company says will help it generate 50% fewer CO2 emissions over its lifetime than other EVs.

As mentioned previously, people who are interested in this new vehicle can have their names put on the waiting list, but this doesn’t qualify as an order or a pre-order yet. Instead, it will give these people priority when the automaker does begin to accept actual orders from individual owners.

This last precision is important since the company is already taking fleet orders from leasing and ridesharing companies around the world, with 21,000 units already spoken for.

Lightyear 2 | Photo: Lightyear


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