This LEGO McLaren 720s Took Two Years To Build


Someone built a custom LEGO Technic 1:8 replica of a McLaren 720s and it took them two years to complete.

A user of the Eurobricks forum, going by the name of Charbel, just completed a two-year project of building its own, fully customized, McLaren 720s 1:8 replica.

Charbel’s 720s is what we call a LEGO MOC (or LEGO My Own Creation) which means a complete creation of something without any instructions.

What started with unveiling of the McLaren in March 2017 was finished last month when the user shared its creation on the forum. According to the builder, the project was built around a list of points that he wanted to achieve.

The list goes as follows (as per Charbel):

  • Fully modular chassis and bodywork
  • Steering with HOG (Hand Of God)
  • Manually operated butterfly doors
  • Active rear wing
  • Openable hood
  • Independent suspensions on all wheels
  • Foldable display like the real car
  • 8-speed sequential gearbox

All of these specifications were achieved, as you can you see in the video above. The video shows how everything works, from the rear wing to the 8-speed gearbox. The details are incredible.

Although the car was built without any instructions, we can clearly mistake it for an original LEGO product. Talking about how it’s built, the builder says that the instructions to build this McLaren 720s will be available to purchase in a month or two.


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