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NewsUAW Docs Confirm Next-Gen Jeep Grand Cherokee with EV in 2027

UAW Docs Confirm Next-Gen Jeep Grand Cherokee with EV in 2027

Production plans revealed

  • Durango and Grand Cherokee going electric

  • Refreshed GC due in 2024

The new contract between Stellantis and the United Auto Workers is giving us a look at the company’s product plans for the duration of the agreement. The latest us a hint that the Jeep Grand Cherokee will get an update next year and an all-new model in 2027.

To help explain the contract to members, the UAW released a Highlights document that covered the highlights of the deal. Telling workers at the company’s various plants in the U.S. what they could expect to build.

Under the section for the Detroit Assembly Complex, there is confirmation that the current (WD chassis) Dodge Durango will live through 2025.

The Current Jeep Grand Cherokee two-row will continue through 2027, and the three-row Grand Cherokee L will continue through 2028 (the final year of the contract). The two Grand Cherokee models will get a refresh (called a mid-cycle action) in calendar year 2024, which should freshen up the vehicles.

According to the document, the next-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee will arrive in 2027. That model will get both internal combustion and EV variants.

The next-generation Dodge Durango will also get internal combustion and electric vehicle versions. It is set to arrive in 2026, according to the document.



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