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NewsVolvo Teases the Design of the EX90 yet Again

Volvo Teases the Design of the EX90 yet Again

Volvo showed a few more details of the EX90 with little over a week to go before the official reveal.

  • The automaker says this model’s styling is inspired by yachts.

  • The EX90 will feature flush door handles and aerodynamic alloy wheels.

  • The lidar sensor will be installed in a bump at the front of the roof.

Volvo is multiplying the teasers for its upcoming EX90 flagship electric SUV which will be officially unveiled in a little over a week.

This time, the images include two blurry shots and four close-ups of various elements, including the door handles and the wheels.

Volvo EX90 teaser | Photo: Volvo

From what can be seen in these images, the EX90 will continue to feature Thor’s hammer LED headlamps that are currently used on Volvo vehicles but its rear end could do away with the vertical taillamps that have been a staple of Volvo wagons and SUVs for over twenty years.

Indeed, the blurred image of the rear shows taillamps that are closer in look to those found on the brand’s sedans due to their “C” shape.

Volvo EX90 teaser | Photo: Volvo

Another detail that will link the EX90 to other electric Volvo models is the lack of a front grille, which is replaced by a flat plastic panel painted to match the rest of the body.

In order to improve the range of this vehicle, the automaker says it was inspired by yachts in terms of aerodynamics.

Volvo EX90 teaser | Photo: Volvo

In addition, the EX90 will feature flush-mounted door handles and exclusive wheels that are also designed to reduce the drag coefficient.

The other image shows the lidar sensor is integrated into a bump on the front of the roof, where Volvo says it will be able to get better readings of the car’s surroundings than if it was installed lower, such as in the front grille.

Volvo EX90 teaser | Photo: Volvo

Inside, the automaker says its designers have given a lot of thought to illumination in order to create a warm atmosphere for the cabin.

Volvo has scheduled the official release of the EX90 for November 9th, ahead of its arrival on the market for the 2023 model year.

Volvo EX90 teaser | Photo: Volvo


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