Monday, December 5, 2022
News 2022 Porsche Taycan Comes in Any Colour You Want

2022 Porsche Taycan Comes in Any Colour You Want

Classic shades, modern Porsche

  • Porsche is adding paint to sample to 2022 Taycan models

  • 2022 brings Android Auto, self-parking

The Porsche Taycan EV is already catching the 911 in sales, even beating out some mainstream low-cost EVs for sales in some markets, but Porsche isn’t going to sit around and let it get stale. Instead, some seriously cool upgrades are on tap for 2022 Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo including the ability to paint your car in any colour you want, as well as driveline enhancements and remote control parking.

Paint to Sample and Paint to Sample Plus might not be the most useful of the changes for everyday use, but they are the change that will get noticed. Porsche showcases a Taycan in the stunning classic Rubystone Red, for example, one of the coolest colours offered on the 964-generation 911. You could also pick the Acid Green normally reserved for the company’s hybrid vehicle brake calipers and trim, but with the two paint to sample options you are free to taste the Rennbow (that’s the Porche Club of America’s complete list of Porsche paints).

Driveline enhancements for the new year should boost real-world range, Porsche says, though it hasn’t been submitted for a new WLTP range estimate. It starts with completely uncoupling the front motor in normal and range modes, and the car will freewheel for less drag when coasting or at a stop. Tweaks to the thermal management mean the battery can get slightly hotter than before which allows for quicker fast charging and fast-charging to a higher state of charge.

Remote Park Assist lets the driver remotely control parking from their phone, even out of the car. It lets the driver park parallel or perpendicular in garages, measuring spaces with the car’s sensors and cameras. Start the parking and get out, just hold the button until it’s parked.

Lastly, the Taycan gets an upgrade to Porsche Communication Management that adds Android Auto to the already-present Apple CarPlay phone support. The Voice Pilot voice assistant has been tweaked to better understand natural language, and Porsche has tweaked the UI slightly. Expect the updated models to start arriving later this year, and you should know the 2022 Taycan models when you see them thanks to those new hues.

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