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2022 Toyota Corolla Cross: The 24 Hidden Easter Eggs and Where to Find Them

It’s no secret that Toyota likes to throw in a few Easter Eggs into their new cars and trucks. Their latest model, the 2022 Corolla Cross, is no different as it features 24 hidden as well as subtle Easter Eggs that you might not notice at first glance. The Easter Eggs are located all over the vehicle and some of them are even pretty hard to find. One of the Easter Eggs is hiding underneath the hood of the car and another one can be found on each side of the C-pillar.

At first glance, we didn’t notice these Easter Eggs. But as we spent more time with the Corolla Cross, we noticed that there were more and more logos hidden throughout the vehicle. The more we looked, the more we found. We thought nothing of it at first. But then a press release confirmed our suspicion: They were indeed logos hidden throughout the vehicle, which sparked our curiosity big time. Thus, the searching began.

For the curious, here’s the part of Toyota’s press release that confirmed our suspicion and the meaning behind it: “And as a special treat, every model includes two-dozen Easter Eggs: 24 Corolla Cross logos hidden throughout the vehicle – representing the 24/7 dedication of the team that designed and engineered this outstanding model.”

As we couldn’t find an existing list of all the places they placed the Corolla Cross logos, we decided to do our own. A friend and my kids helped me search the car for them. We found 18 in total – unfortunately, that’s not quite all of them.

You can check out all the Easter Eggs we found below!

Let’s start with the most obvious ones:

There’s one on each side of the C-Pillar.


There’s one on each headlight.


There’s one on each rear light.

There’s the model’s name on the hatch. (Does this one even count?)

There’s one in the gauge cluster when you start the vehicle.

There’s one in the top-middle of the rear bumper.


There’s one on the fuse box under the hood.

There’s one next to the latch that opens the hatch.


There’s one at the back of the hatch, inside.

There’s one at top of the back bumper’s plastic trim.

There’s one inside the right rear light.

There’s one inside the plastic trim on the passenger side-view mirror.

There’s one inside the front grille, in the lower-left corner.

There’s one at the base of the windshield.

There’s one on at the bottom of the window between the C-pillar and the hatch.

That said, we do not know whether all of the logos that we found are the same 24 which Toyota claims to be hidden in its 2022 Corolla Cross. We are still looking for the ones that are missing. Can you find the missing logos? We’d be curious to know where they could be.

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