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NewsUK Buyers Considering EVs Over ICE Vehicles for New Purchases

UK Buyers Considering EVs Over ICE Vehicles for New Purchases

The shift from petrol to EVs is happening

  • More than a third of surveyed consumers are considering an EV.

  • Hybrids lag behind petrol-powered vehicles in the survey.

Timeframes will vary widely from continent to continent and country to country however intentions seem clear. A recent survey in the UK has shown that EVs have overtaken internal combustion engine vehicles as a consideration for a future purchase.

The October 2021 survey has found that 33.9% of consumers are thinking about purchasing an EV for their next vehicle. In comparison, 25.4% of those surveyed are contemplating petrol while a further 10% expect to be in the market for a diesel-powered vehicle. The result of the September 2021 survey still had ICE vehicles as the most considered.

Interestingly, according to Autoexpress, hybrids and other related types of powertrains, may find a new home with only 7.5% to 15% of consumers who participated in the survey.

One of the factors why EVs are being considered more than ever is various charges and fees. For example, London enacted the ULEZ charge (on opt of the congestion charge) where drivers must pay a fee based on their vehicle’s Euro Emissions rating in order to enter a pre-determined zone. The zone expanded in late October.


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