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NewsA 2020 BMW M3 Touring may actually happen

A 2020 BMW M3 Touring may actually happen

More and more reports are beginning to surface about the possibility of the next-generation 3-Series Touring getting an M3 variant. Actually, maybe one more report surfaced since news originally broke earlier this month, but that’s enough for us to get excited. 

With this news, I’ve officially begun discussions with the Boss to move our offices to the other side of the Pond. What am I going on about? And what is this “Touring?” Have we suddenly become fanatics of Honda’s top trim? Ok, we know you know what a Touring is… Sorry.

We’re also sorry, and happy I suppose, that BMW may officially release for the first time ever an M3 station wagon. The latest generation G20 3 Series has broken cover an will soon become as common as a Toyota Corolla in large urban centers but there’s one 3 Series we never see enough of and that’s the wagon.

The G21 saloon might be the roomiest of its kind since the first E30 wagons were produced some 35 years ago. Although the current F31 3 Series wagon is an uncommon sight, BMW has thankfully graced North America with its presence. This makes us think that we can expect the G21 to also find its way into future showrooms.

New 2019 G20 BMW 3 Series Pictures!

The G21 M3 Touring however, is another story. BMW, should they actually build it, will compete with the Audi RS 4 Avant (WAAA!!) and the Mercedes-AMG C63 Estate (DOUBLE WAAA!!), neither of which are on sale here. It thus makes little sense for BMW to bother selling the car here but if they did, they’d be, like, the coolest German brand ever! We’re convinced they could sell at least a couple thousand of them…

BMW Z3 Coupe M
The closest thing we’ve ever had to a BMW M wagon.
BMW 3 Series Touring
Current 3 Series Touring



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