Friday, January 28, 2022
News ABT Sportsline Announces 384 Hp for Mk 8 Volkswagen Golf R

ABT Sportsline Announces 384 Hp for Mk 8 Volkswagen Golf R

Golf gets even more R from ABT

  • 69 hp a nice increase for all-new Golf R

  • Abt has been turbocharging Golfs since 1982

ABT Sportsline has just turned its attention to the latest Volkswagen Golf R. The 2.0L turbo-four has been boosted for 69 hp more than stock thanks to a new ECU.

That’s 384 hp for the Mark 8 version of the Volkswagen Golf R, a car we’ve yet to see on North American shores but is expected to arrive here sooner or later. Along with 347 lb-ft of torque (37 more than stock) the car should be massively quicker than stock. And faster than cars that play a couple of price segments above it like the Audi RS3 and Mercedes-AMG A 45.

ABT showed off a car fitted with the brand’s own wheels in a gloss black finish. There is also a matte black livery on the Golf 8’s chunky C-pillars and a black rear spoiler. The wheels are one of ABT’s three designs that are offered for the GTI, GTD, and the GTI Clubsport as well as the R. That’s one 19-inch and two 19-inch options.

If you’re waiting for the next GTI to arrive, ABT boosts that one from 245 hp to 290 and can bring the 300 hp Clubsport up to 360 hp. Those figures are all a far cry from the 163 that Abt offered in its first turbo Golf way back in the 1980s (complete with 13-inch wheels).

Sooner rather than later, ABT Sportsline says that it will have a new sport suspension for the R as well as a custom exhaust system. Expect power to grow slightly with the new pipes.

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