Saturday, January 22, 2022
News AC Schnitzer Tunes BMW M850i For Safety

AC Schnitzer Tunes BMW M850i For Safety

AC tunes M850i for tuner safety campaign

  • 90 more horses, new bodywork for 8er

  • Polizei M850i baddest BMW since that rally M5

Modifying cars in Germany is a big deal. For the major tuning companies there, there are strict rules in place to make sure that the vehicles they modify are safe. Every year, the Association of German Automobile Tuners partner with police to showcase safe tuning, and for the last six years that’s meant beauties from AC Schnitzer like this one: A BMW 8 Series outfitted in Polizei spec and looking brutally fast.

It starts with a BMW M850i xDrive that gets the tuner’s upgraded software to boost power from 530 hp to 620. Loads of Schnitzer cosmetic upgrades in the engine bay make it look even more serious, and, because this is about safe tuning, the upgrades offer a warranty. At the back, the sports exhaust boasts a pair of carbon tailpipes and a pair of exhaust flaps for a louder sound that still fits within noise regulations.

Tested on the Nurburgring (of course), he suspension lowers the car around 25 mm up front and 22 at the rear, and it’s been homologated meaning that the system was tested and approved for road car use. Something that off-brands aren’t often able to say.

Lightweight AC3 flow formed wheels in 9×21-inch up front and 10×21 in the rear wearing Hankook Ventus S1 evo 3 tires complete the mechanical upgrades and keep the car stuck while a body kit including front spoiler elements, new front side wings, side skirts, and a rear diffuser and spoiler are all carbon fibre and show off the company’s catalogue.

Fitted with Polizei graphics, the BMW is ready to show that you don’t need to break the law to have a faster, better-looking car than what left the factory. Ok, now where are the Ford Racing-equipped Explorers and maybe a Hellcat Dodge Charger Enforcer?

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