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NewsBentley Broke Sales Records for the Second Consecutive Year in 2021

Bentley Broke Sales Records for the Second Consecutive Year in 2021

Bentley sold more vehicles in 2021 than ever despite - or perhaps due to - the pandemic

  • Global sales of the ultra-luxury brand surged 31%

  • The pandemic increased demand for all vehicles, including the most luxurious ones

  • The United States and China accounted for 60% of total sales

The pandemic has had strong effects on the automotive industry and despite most automakers facing a hard time, ultra-luxury brands are doing better than ever.

This is the case for Bentley, the Volkswagen-owned British luxury vehicle manufacturer, which saw record breaking sales numbers in 2020 and again in 2021.

Global sales of the brand have increased 31% year over year, despite 2020 already being their best year ever in terms of sales, with 11,206 deliveries, up 2% from 2019 and besting the previous record established in 2017.

Bentley delivered a total of 14,659 vehicles around the world during the last year, 60% of which found a buyer in the United States and China, the brand’s two largest markets.

The best-selling Bentley vehicle was the Bentayga, the brand’s only SUV. A plug-in hybrid version was added to this model, which helped boost sales of this vehicle which features a base price of US $203,000.

According to the company, the addition of the hybrid Bentayga as well as the arrival last year of the redesigned Flying Spur V8 have attracted more customers to the storied brand.

The automaker also revealed its “Beyond 100” business plan in 2021 that highlights the way forward for the company, which calls for a total electrification of its lineup by 2030.

The high demand for ultra-high-end products and vehicles might have resulted from the travel restrictions which have provided wealthy customers with more disposable income to spend on a new vehicle and an urge to buy something new.


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