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NewsBentley Delays EV Launch, Blames Technical Issues Not Demand

Bentley Delays EV Launch, Blames Technical Issues Not Demand

VW woes delay Bentley EV plans

  • VW Group software troubles impacting launch

  • Profits slightly reduced by EV development costs

Unlike its chief rival, Bentley is delaying the launch of its first all-electric model. The company has also made the decision to change its plans to fully complete its all-electric transition, with the company citing issues with batteries and platforms.

Company CEO Adrian Hallmark told journalists while announcing the company’s financial results (via Automotive News) that the first Bentley EV will go on sale in 2027. That’s two years late, and the company will no longer have its lineup fully electrified by 2030.

However, by 2026, it will offer a PHEV on every model in its line. Hallmark said the company has seen higher demand for those models. The Bentley Flying Spur sedan and Bentayga already offer plug-in models, with the Continental and Flying Spur coupe expected to add them soon. The new system will pair a V8 with an electric motor.

Hallmark didn’t blame a slowdown in electric car demand, instead taking internal responsibility. Bentley is part of the Volkswagen Group, and its EV plans are being hindered by the same software problems that have plagued the group’s electric efforts.

Now the problem is “more the battery and architecture issues that we have had to get to our attribute and target levels,” Hallmark said. The company demands 600 km of range, on par with its ICE cars. EV development cut into company margins, with an operating result of 589m euros, down 17 percent.




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