Friday, February 3, 2023
News Bentley Teases the Batur Again, says it will Have its Most Powerful...

Bentley Teases the Batur Again, says it will Have its Most Powerful W12 Engine Ever

Bentley released another teaser of the Mulliner Batur, an ultra-exclusive grand tourer that will be unveiled later in the month.

  • The Batur will be an extremely limited production vehicle

  • It will be based on the Continental GT, like the Bacalar of last year

  • The appearance of this vehicle will preview the company’s future design language for EVs

Bentley released another teaser image of the Batur, which is a very limited production vehicle that will be unveiled at the Monterey Car Week.

Last year, Bentley used that opportunity to launch the Bacalar, which was a new ultra-luxury grand tourer based on the Continental GT. Only 12 copies of this special car were made.

This year, the model that will make its debut at the prestigious event is the Batur, which will be a successor to the Bacalar.

Indeed, this model will also be a high-performance luxury coupe that will be based on the “regular” Continental GT and its production should also be very limited, with a rumored total of about 25 units.

According to Bentley, this model will be more than simply a successor to the Bacalar however, since it will preview the brand’s future design language that will be applied to its electric vehicles, the first of which should arrive in 2026.

From the latest image, it seems the Batur will be a sleek coupe with an arching roofline, unlike the Bacalar, which was a convertible.

The profile image also shows that the front end drops significantly in front of the wheels and it shows the model to have pronounced wheel arches in the rear.

Even with the very low number of units that will be hand-built by the Mulliner division, Bentley wants to make the Batur even more exclusive by allowing buyers to choose the color and the finish of every surface of the vehicle, thus making sure that each example is unique.

Another difference with the Bacalar and the Continental GT will be found under the hood. Indeed, the Batur will be powered by the same twin-turbocharged W12 engine as these two models, but Bentley says this will be the most powerful twelve-cylinder engine it has ever made.

This might be because the Batur will act as a swan song for this engine and the gasoline-powered grand tourer for Bentley since the company aims to become the most sustainable luxury automaker by the end of the decade.

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