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NewsBentley to Produce its Last W12 Engine in April 2024

Bentley to Produce its Last W12 Engine in April 2024

The W12 engine is approaching retirement at Bentley after a little over 20 years on the market.

  • This engine was first introduced in 2003 and will continue to power certain models for over a year.

  • The final version will generate 740 horsepower and 737 lb-ft of torque in the limited-edition Batur.

  • New hybrid powertrains will replace the W12 on the company’s production line.

Bentley has announced that production of its famous W12 engine will come to an end in April 2024 to make way for the company’s electrification efforts.

This engine was introduced back in 2003, shortly after Bentley was bought by the Volkswagen Group, and it received a number of improvements over the years that made it more powerful and more efficient.

The last development of this 6.0L twin-turbocharged twelve-cylinder engine will be the most powerful engine ever produced by Bentley with its 740 horsepower and 737 horsepower, which is also more than was announced.

This extra power comes from new turbochargers, larger ducts, a new intake design that runs cooler, and a different tuning to the engine management system.

Not every model will benefit from these changes however, since only the very-limited edition Batur, of which only 18 are set to be made, will be powered by this version of the W12.

This means that the rest of the twelve-cylinder Bentley models (Bentayga Speed, Flying Spur Speed and Mulliner, Continental GT Speed and Mulliner) will continue to be powered by the current 649 horsepower version.

Once the production comes to an end in April of next year, Bentley aims to retain all of the 30 employees who hand-build and test the W12 engine in order to produce new hybrid powertrains.

The company has yet to announce details about these upcoming hybrid powertrains, but they could be similar to its current hybrid systems which are available in most models.



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