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NewsBMW Launches Armoured i7 Protection for Very First Time

BMW Launches Armoured i7 Protection for Very First Time

BMW adds armour to its big electric sedan

  • Armoured 7 goes electric for first time

  • Gas 7 and i7 EVs will be offered

BMW will now sell you an electric armoured car. The BMW i7 Protection is the first time that BMW has added its up-armouring service to the electric executive express, though it comes at the cost of slowing the powerhouse down significantly.

The armoured sedan is based around most of the BMW i7 M70’s driveline, but instead of that car’s 650 hp, it makes 544 hp and 549 lb-ft of torque. With the extra weight of armour, the 0-60 time drops from 3.5 seconds to around nine, but it will keep moving and that’s the real point.

Prior versions of BMW’s Protection models used add-on armoured steel. This one uses that protection, but for the first time the entire supporting structure is also made from armour steel. It can better protect the car’s occupants and it helps cut weight.

BMW says the i7 Protection is built to VR9 class protection. That means it’ll stop 7.62×51 mm armour piercing rounds, and it has glass that can stop an even higher glass round. The i7 will have armour under the body to protect the battery pack, and the car can protect its occupants from drones with explosive charges or even fragmentation grenades.

If you don’t want the electric Protection, BMW will keep making a gas one too. The regular 7 Series Protection gets a modified 4.4L twin-turbo V8 with 530 hp and 553 lb-ft. It has all of the same secure features as the i7, with the addition of a self-sealing gas tank.

Passenger comfort upgrades include motorized assistance for the hefty doors, an on-board fridge, and sun blinds with a special “spy” position that gives them a limited view outside of the car. Optional security features include an exterior microphone and speaker, fresh air supply, flag poles and lights, and probably a bunch of other stuff that you can get if you ask but won’t make the brochure.



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