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BMW Reveals Details of the Cold Weather Tests the upcoming i5 has Gone Through

BMW explained what its cold weather testing program entailed for the upcoming i5.

  • The electric sedan will be unveiled alongside the new gasoline-powered 5 Series in October.

  • This model underwent cold weather testing in Sweden over the last year.

  • Results of these tests have been applied to the tuning of the car’s powertrain.

To prepare the arrival of the new i5 later this year, BMW has released details about the cold weather testing program it used to fine-tune the powertrain of this new electric sedan.

As is the case with the 7 Series and the i7, the new i5 is likely to be very similar to the new 5 Series, which will be launched at the same time next October.

While complete technical details and uncamouflaged pictures will have to wait until then to make their way to the public, the company has provided generous images of the disguised sedan during its various testing missions.

BMW i5 winter testing | Photo: BMW

These tests saw the upcoming i5 leave BMW’s home in Munich for a 3,000-kilometer-long road trip up to the automaker’s dedicated cold weather testing facility in the north of Sweden back in February of 2022.

This trip allowed the company’s engineers to gauge the effectiveness of the vehicle’s various systems out in the real world, giving special attention to the charging performance in freezing temperatures as well as the capabilities of the climate control system for both the occupants and the battery pack.

Further testing performed on the snow-covered roads of Sweden served to determine how the vehicle’s powertrain, suspension, and steering systems work together in challenging conditions.

BMW i5 winter testing | Photo: BMW

Development of the electronic driving aids such as traction control and stability control has also benefitted from these tests. Speaking of these technologies, the traction control feature will be integrated into the powertrain control logic directly instead of being its own independent system. BMW says this will help cut response times and improve effectiveness on slippery surfaces.

Over the last winter, BMW also continued to test the i5 in cold climates near the Alps and then it went back to Sweden for a second round at the cold weather testing facility.

Engineers used their last opportunity for winter testing ahead of the model’s launch to fine-tune all of its systems, especially focussing on driving dynamics.

BMW i5 winter testing | Photo: BMW

The automaker says its testing facility’s easily reproducible conditions helped it determine the best settings to employ for the vehicle’s chassis and electronics.

The first buyers should be able to judge if the results of these tests have been implemented effectively next winter since the launch of the i5 is expected to take place at the beginning of fall.

BMW i5 winter testing | Photo: BMW
BMW i5 winter testing | Photo: BMW


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