Tuesday, November 30, 2021
News BMW Teased the XM Concept

BMW Teased the XM Concept

BMW showed a picture of the XM concept that previews its future front end

  • A picture of the front of the vehicle was posted on Facebook

  • The SUV will be a sports model only sold by the M division

  • The official reveal will take place on November 29

BMW posted a picture on Facebook that shows the front end of the XM concept, a future sports SUV that will be unique to the M division.

BMW had hinted at a future standalone M model that would not have “regular” BMW versions and this could be it, since the XM concept is intended to be sold only as an M model when it arrives on the market for 2023.

The image shows the front end of a concept that is almost production ready, so the design shouldn’t change too much between this version and the one that will reach dealer showrooms.

The most prominent feature is the massive kidney grilles that follow a very controversial trend at BMW. After customer complaints over the look of the M3 and M4, the company announced it would tone down the grille size of its future vehicles, but this doesn’t appear to be true.

The grilles even feature an illuminated surround, which further accentuates their imposing size and makes them visible at night, with the benefit of making the XM instantly recognisable as a BMW, even in the dark.

The headlights, for their part, seem to be very small, downwards triangles in a quad-light configuration that is a tradition for the brand.

The hood also seems to be heavily sculpted, with lines that run from the corners of the grille to the windshield and a dip in the middle, where the BMW logo is set, similar to the M3 and M4.

Under the hood, the XM is expected to house a plug-in hybrid system and a twin-turbocharged V8 engine that should make it the most powerful BMW production vehicle ever made, with more than 750 horsepower.

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