Wednesday, December 7, 2022
News Cadillac wants to Make its Celestiq Electric Sedan as Customisable as a...

Cadillac wants to Make its Celestiq Electric Sedan as Customisable as a Bentley or a Rolls Royce

The Cadillac Celestiq could offer the same level of customisation as Bentley and Rolls Royce.

  • Cadillac wants to target Bentley’s Mulliner and Rolls Royce’s Bespoke programs

  • This means that almost any combination of colours and materials will be possible

  • The Celestiq will be the brand’s halo sedan, with a rumoured price tag of around $200,000

Cadillac wants to make it’s Celestiq electric sedan a true halo product by targeting Rolls-Royce and Bentley in terms of vehicle personalisation.

Ultra luxury brands like Rolls-Royce and Bentley are known to offer buyers the ability to customise their car by offering unlimited paint colour options and a very large choice of materials and hues for the interior.

This is apparently what Cadillac wants to do with the Celestiq, its electric luxury sedan that is set to be introduced later this year.

Cadillac wants this model to compete with the BMW i7, the Mercedes-Benz EQS and the Lucid Air, three newly introduced full-size electric luxury sedans, but also with the even more uplevel brands.

The Celestiq will be built on the Ultium platform that can currently be seen under the GMC Hummer EV and the Cadillac Lyriq, which means that it will most likely share its battery and motors with the brand’s new SUV.

Inside, the Celestiq is expected to be equipped with an infotainment screen rivaling the one found in the EQS, as a glass roof that will be capable of becoming opaque in totality or in parts at the touch of a button.

This will allow all four occupants of the sedan to control if they want a transparent roof or not over their head.

Another feature that will debut on the Celestiq is General Motors’ new Ultra Cruise driver assistance system.

Unlike the current Super Cruise, Ultra Cruise will be available on residential roads and country lanes, accounting for about 95% of the roads in the United States and Canada. In addition, this new system is advertised as being capable of door-to-door driving without the assistance of the driver, meaning that someone could simply enter their destination in the navigation system and the car would take them there, like what Tesla is currently testing with its FSD.

Of course, all of these technological innovations and the ability to customise the car to each buyer’s exact taste will not be cheap: the Celestiq is rumoured to come with a $200,000 price tag when it launches in the United States, which would place it right in line with an entry-level Bentley Flying Spur.

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