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NewsExploring the Prospect of Paid Reservations for Electric Vehicle Charging

Exploring the Prospect of Paid Reservations for Electric Vehicle Charging

Recent survey findings suggest that a portion of electric vehicle users might consider paying extra to reserve charging stations, potentially addressing availability concerns and enhancing convenience.


  • Survey shows 33% of EV drivers willing to pay extra for a reserved charging spot.

  • 67% of participants seek information on public charging station availability before transitioning to electric vehicles.

  • EV industry faces challenges such as availability, compatibility, and payment methods, calling for strategic solutions.


The electric vehicle sector is grappling with a new idea – paid reservations for charging stations. To probe this concept’s potential, SMS, a UK-based charging point installer, surveyed 1,000 EV drivers. Their findings have practical implications for the future of EV charging.


BP Pulse fast charging station | Photo: BP

Survey results revealed that a notable group of respondents might be willing to pay more for the convenience of reserving a charging spot. Around 33% of those surveyed said they’d consider an extra £5 (roughly $7 USD) for a guaranteed slot, while 27% would stretch to £10 (about $14). Interestingly, 7% signaled their readiness to pay over £10, in addition to the power cost, to secure a reserved spot.

The survey also highlighted a common concern – knowing the availability of public charging stations. 67% of participants expressed a desire for such information before transitioning to EVs. Intriguingly, 5% of respondents rely solely on home charging, while 20% are dependent on public charging alone.

Electrify America prototype station | Photo: Electrify America

However, as the EV market grows, challenges have arisen. These include ensuring station availability and compatibility, dealing with malfunctioning stations, and streamlining payment processes. Mark Winn, SMS’s Director of Electric Vehicle Strategy, underscored these issues, stressing strategic deployment, robust payment systems, and comprehensive maintenance.

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Winn emphasized, “Efficient charging demands strategic station placement, solid maintenance, and streamlined payments.”

The survey insights could shape EV charging dynamics. They highlight user priorities and challenges, potentially influencing charging infrastructure development. This study isn’t just relevant in the UK; similar trends could be observed globally, including in North America. As EV adoption increases, flexible and user-centered charging solutions will likely become crucial.




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