Monday, October 2, 2023
News Fisker to Increase Ocean EV Production in the Fourth Quarter

Fisker to Increase Ocean EV Production in the Fourth Quarter

Fisker announces plans to boost the daily production of its Ocean SUV to 300 units in the fourth quarter, up from 180 units.


  • Fisker collaborates with Magna International for manufacturing its vehicles.

  • Over 3,000 Ocean SUVs have been produced to date, with 450 already delivered or in the process in the US.

  • Fisker reduced its annual production goal previously due to supply chain complications.


Fisker, the infamous electric vehicle startup, has made public its intention to augment the production of its Ocean SUV. The goal is to reach a daily production of 300 units in the upcoming fourth quarter, marking a significant increase from the current 180 units. This move comes in the wake of the company’s partnership with Canadian automotive part supplier, Magna International. Magna plays a pivotal role, being responsible for manufacturing the Ocean SUVs for both the European and North American markets.

Fisker Ocean | Photo: Louis-Philippe Dube

To provide a snapshot of the progress so far, by September 4th, Magna had produced 3,123 Ocean SUVs. Out of these, just under 3,000 have been transferred to Fisker. In the US, a commendable milestone is that over 450 of the Ocean SUVs have either reached their customers or are en route to them. Additionally, a batch of 1,500 vehicles is expected to land on US soil shortly.

Fisker Ocean | Photo: Louis-Philippe Dube

CEO Henrik Fisker has emphasized the company’s unwavering commitment to its customers and reservation holders. He extended gratitude for their patience and feedback, which has been invaluable for the company. In a bid to cater to its expanding market, Fisker has launched several retail and service facilities named Lounges and Center+ in various global cities. These include Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Toronto, and more, with additional locations in the pipeline.

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In terms of numbers, Fisker envisions Magna producing the entirety of the 5,000 units of the Ocean One launch edition by the end of September. Nevertheless, the company recognizes the possibility of some deliveries spilling over into October. The Fisker Ocean, especially the top-spec Extreme trim, boasts a range of 360 miles, powered by a 113 kilowatt-hour Hyper Range battery pack. The limited-edition Ocean One is priced starting at $68,999.

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