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Google HD Maps will be Introduced on the Polestar 3 and the Volvo EX90

The Polestar 3 and the Volvo EX90 will introduce Google's latest mapping technology for autonomous vehicles.

  • This technology uses hidden data to help autonomous vehicles understand their surroundings.

  • This could help both companies improve their Pilot Assist driver assistance features.

  • The announcement was made at the CES, where the EX90 made its North American debut.

Google has been focussing much of its attention on automotive-related technologies in recent years and its latest development will debut shortly in the Polestar 3 and the Volvo EX90.

Both electric SUVs are closely related due to their manufacturer being owned by the same company, which is why they share the same Google-based in-car technologies.

Called Google HD Maps, this new technology will not be visible to the driver. Indeed, it is intended only to improve the performance and capabilities of driver assistance systems and self-driving vehicles.

In reality, Google HD Maps will add a stream of data to the company’s regular mapping information in order to help vehicles know how to deal with complex situations such as intersections, worn lane markings, or obscured road signs.

Polestar 3 | Photo: Polestar

This technology can also help make driver assistance systems safer and more competent by providing them with information about the road ahead before their onboard sensors can make out the path to take.

Both Volvo and Polestar will make use of Google HD Maps with their Pilot Assist system, which will also be improved with the addition of a LiDAR sensor on the roof of both vehicles.

Google says this technology will be available for every vehicle that uses its Google Automotive software, which is at the heart of new Volvo and Polestar models.

This means that the 2023 Honda Accord Touring, some General Motors vehicles such as the GMC Yukon, Chevrolet Tahoe, and GMC Hummer EV, as well as future Ford models will benefit from more complete mapping data.

This announcement by Polestar and Volvo was made at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where the latter also presented the EX90 to the North American public for the first time after its launch in Sweden at the beginning of November.


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