How To Pair Your Smartphone With Kia’s UVO


Kia’s UVO Intelligence connected car services incorporates all of today’s necessary gadgets. Let’s see how easy it is to connect a phone.

As the years and months go by, technologies progress at an alarming rate. Kia’s UVO can remotely start the car, set the climate controls, and serves as the infotainment hub of all the Korean’s car manufacturer’s vehicles.

The service is available on screens of up to 8 inches in size and on all vehicles, from the Rio to the all-new large 3-row 2020 Telluride SUV. The following are simple step-by-step instructions to connect your smartphone along with a very brief accompanying video.

Step 1

Select the Phone icon in order to activate the car’s Bluetooth function.

Step 2

The system will prompt you to turn your smartphone’s Bluetooth on. As you can see, the system is very quick, and the Kia Motors device will quickly appear on your phone.

Step 3

Select the Kia Motors network. Confirm that the PIN that appears on both displays is identical and then select “pair.”

Step 4

A few options such a selecting your phone as a priority device or synchronizing favorites (phone numbers) will come up. It’s up to you to decide how you want to proceed from here.

Kia’s UVO has proven to be one of the quickest systems on which to connect, as demonstrated in this short video.


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