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NewsImages of the Upcoming Toyota Crown Have Been Leaked

Images of the Upcoming Toyota Crown Have Been Leaked

The design of the upcoming 2023 Toyota Crown SUV was shown in leaked patent images.

  • This sedan-like SUV could replace the Avalon in North America

  • It could offer hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains

  • The images show a resemblance with the BZ4X in the front

Patent images showing the upcoming Toyota Crown SUV have been leaked and they show a vehicle that is closer to a lifted sedan than a regular SUV.

The Crown has been a luxurious Toyota sedan sold in many world markets since 1955, but its last appearance on the North American market was made all the way back in 1972.

This could change soon however since Toyota filed a US patent for the Crown name last year, which hints at a possible return for this model.

If it does go on sale in the United States and Canada, it might not be as a regular sedan but rather as a sedan-looking SUV, similar in concept to the long-discontinued Subaru Outback sedan.

2023 Toyota Crown Cross Patent Images | Photo: USPTO

This is apparent in the patent images, which show a relatively tall sedan that seems to ride quite high on its suspension. The most noticeable trait is the front end, which bears a striking resemblance with the BZ4X, the first electric vehicle from Toyota.

This could hint at what will be under the hood because while it won’t be fully electric, the Crown could offer a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Other engines that are likely to be offered are a 2.5L regular hybrid and a 2.4L turbocharged engine, which could also be fitted with an electric motor.

If this model does make its way to North America in the near future, it could sit at the top of the automaker’s lineup by replacing the Avalon, which is set to be discontinued at the end of the year.


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