Wednesday, September 20, 2023
News Is Honda working on a new Prelude?

Is Honda working on a new Prelude?

  • Will this new Prelude take the shape of two-door coupe?

  • A switch to EV is possible.

  • And a Prelude SUV is also a possibility.


The automotive world has become accustomed to bringing back model names from the past, especially those that people love. Some of these returns have followed the nature of the model of yesteryear – think of the MINI Cooper or the Toyota GR 86, for example – while others have paired the historic name with a more utilitarian format. The Ford Mustang Mach-E is certainly one of the most criticized model transformations in recent years.

Honda Prelude | Photo : Honda

However, another name could return to the forefront of the industry, this time from Honda. American magazine Motor Trend recently discovered that the Japanese automaker had reserved the name Prelude with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on August 15.

And, as the magazine publication mentions in its report, the reservation of the Prelude name is now intended for a road-going vehicle. Two years ago, the US subsidiary had reserved the Prelude name for use on promotional items. This time, Honda seems more serious in its approach.

Honda Prelude | Photo : Honda

However, that doesn’t mean that sports coupe enthusiasts will be able to order a new generation of the Prelude any time soon. In fact, it doesn’t even mean that this potential Prelude model will take the shape of a sports coupe with a pair of doors.

Honda Prelude | Photo : Honda

In fact, the possibility of the Prelude name being applied to a future electric model is very real, and a move into the utility era shouldn’t be ruled out either. An electric SUV coupe could well be the form under consideration for this future model. Unless Honda is tempted to add a five-door coupe to its North American line-up?

After all, Mitsubishi brought back the Eclipse name, the latter taking the form of a crossover called Eclipse Cross, and more recently, Dodge dug up the Hornet name for its newest pocket-sized SUV.

At this time, anything is possible for the return of the Prelude name to Honda‘s lineup.

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