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NewsIs Volkswagen working on a 670-hp sports car?

Is Volkswagen working on a 670-hp sports car?

  • The next generation of the MEB platform will use these new technologies.

  • A 500 kW (670-hp) drivetrain is in the works.

  • Efficiency is also behind this R&D.


Every car manufacturer is working for the future, whether it’s a new design, a new technology or even a new type of drivetrain. There are so many components in vehicles nowadays after all; there’s no shortage of work in the industry.

This time around, Volkswagen used its Tech Day 2023 to unveil a brief glimpse of what might be coming to a Volkswagen vehicle in the near future.

Volkswagen Concept W12 Coupe (2001) | Photo: Volkswagen

Obviously, we’re talking about electric vehicles since the Wolfsburg-based manufacturer has dedicated the future of its brand to an EV-only scenario. Volkswagen also stated that the development of all central components such as batteries and electric motors, but also pulse inverters and thermal management systems. In addition, Volkswagen is sourcing its drive system from a single supplier, which the automaker says is more efficient and less expensive. In fact, Volkswagen says it can gain up to 20 percent efficiency this way.

However, there are a couple of other significant details that stand out a bit more in this brief press release, such as the one surrounding the first Volkswagen-designed pulse inverter that can now be installed on any of the brand’s future electric vehicles. Volkswagen is even talking about a range that could extend to a sports car with a power output of over 500 kW. That’s over 670 horsepower!

Volkswagen Concept R (2003) | Photo: Volkswagen

The automaker also claims that this technology is already in the advanced development stage for possible use in vehicles based on the next generation of the MEB (Modular Electric Drive) platform, or MEB Evo if you prefer.

Of course, given the overall picture of the automotive market, it’s clear that Volkswagen will focus on a lineup of SUVs and crossovers, but it’s still possible to dream on the return of a true sports car within the brand. And by sports car, let’s say that the power potential points more towards a car with incredible capabilities, closer to the exotic cars of the moment. A Porsche Taycan Turbo already shows what can be achieved with 670 horsepower.

Volkswagen Concept R (2003) | Photo: Volkswagen

Those nostalgic for the brand’s sporty days – are there any Volkswagen Scirocco or Corrado fans in the room? – shouldn’t hold their breath for such a scenario. If Volkswagen decides to tackle a more niche category such as sports cars, we should believe more in a mid-engine architecture, a bit like the Nardo W12 concept unveiled in 2001 or even the R concept revealed in 2003. Both 20-year-old studies feature a mid-engine design with rear-wheel drive. Although the possibility of all-wheel drive should not be ruled out either.

The manufacturer is also working on new thermal management systems that will be replaced by a very compact thermal module that will control the air conditioning and the high-voltage battery, which will have a positive effect on the electric car’s range and charging capacity. The manufacturer even adds that this new module is “lighter, more robust and more efficient” than current systems. By constantly looking to reduce production costs, Volkswagen is trying to keep the price of future vehicles at a reasonable level, while maximizing performance.


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